The Renaissance (Wo)man

Photo by Katherine Harlon from Unsplash

This is for the who has shown that starting over does not mean you are behind on a success race. That a success race is just a personal perception that can be overcome by changing your mindset. That everyone is on a different timeline and that things happen at their own time.

This is for woman who has shown that there are different measures of success besides money. That making a difference and pursuing something that you are passionate about may be more fulfilling than a full bank account. This woman has inspired me to re-evaluate my goals.

This is for the woman who has shown me that not everything is planned. That some businesses happen by accident and they do blossom into beautiful things. The key is to start.

This is for the woman who has shown she cares about other women by building a platform that inspires and empowers different women from completely different backgrounds. A platform that shows that we all have similar hurdles to overcome. A platform that reminds us that we are not alone in anything that we do.

This is for the woman who is unapologetically authentic no matter what circumstances they face.

This is for the woman has shown that there is a thing called imposter syndrome. That the dreadful feeling has a name, that it is common, and that it can be dealt with.

This is for the woman who has shown that you do not have to be perfect at something to achieve your goals. That perfectionism is a barrier for many women who won’t try anything for the fear of failure.

This is for every Phenomenal Woman.